We are open and taking appointments! We are Not offering any services under a mask including Nostrils, Septums, High Nostrils, Tongues, Cheeks, Lip, Monroe, Philtrum. Click here for more information



We want to sincerely thank you for your support through the last 23 years! Most of all, we want to thank and acknowledge your patience and cooperation as we navigate this brave new normal together. We here at KOI are very aware that we enjoy the most educated and discerning clientele our community has to offer. We consider it our unique challenge and pleasure to earn that privilege every day, one piercing at a time. In working with our local health department, our medical liaisons, and closely with our local and worldwide piercing community, there are some things that we have changed in the interest of public health and safety in order to protect our staff and to do our part to insure that we are still the safest option for your piercing needs.


As we continue to be open, we will have new standards of operations;


Appointment ONLY

No more long lines! Our lobby will be closed to walk-ins as we limit the number of people in the studio at any given time. Please book your appointment online. Upon arrival for your appointment, please call 801-463-7070 and staff will give you instructions. We will do our very best to stay on time and honor appointment times, but please be patient as we navigate individual piercing needs and expanded disinfecting procedures. We will not compromise safety for profit.

Are you not performing any piercings?

At this time, we are not offering any piercing services under a mask. This includes the following;

  • Nostril
  • Septum
  • High Nostrils
  • Lip/Monroe/Philtrum
  • Cheeks
  • Tongues
  • Lip/Tongue frenulums

This means that we also cannot size you for jewelry, install any pieces, etc.

We do not know when we will be offering these services again.

Mandatory face coverings

Please bring a mask with you. Piercing is a practice that does not allow for social distancing. Therefore to maintain the safety of clients and staff, we ask that everyone wear a face mask. At this time, we are not allowing the use of cloth face coverings (Hair wraps, bandanas, gators, etc.) If you do not have a face covering, or if staff has concerns about your face covering, you will be charged a $2 mask fee and given a medical grade face mask.

What to expect

Upon entering Koi, you will be asked about symptoms, recent travel, and your temperature will be taken. If you feel unwell prior to your appointment, please call and reschedule. You will be provided with hand sanitizer. We ask that only the person with the appointment enter the building, unless the client is a minor, then one legal guardian may accompany them. We ask that you respect social distancing, observe written rules and floor markings, and keep your mask in place at all times. We also ask that credit cards be used in lieu of cash whenever possible.

Do I need an appointment to just look at jewelry?

Yes. As we have learned, we only have a certain amount of space to allow for social distancing, we do not want to crowd our lobby at this time. If you know exactly what you would like, we can have you pay for the piece over the phone and bring it out to you curbside. ***Please note, if you need a piece installed you will need an appointment and you can buy jewelry then.***

As Utah’s first piercing-exclusive studio established in 1997, we have operated in times of pre-regulation, and helped to write the first piercing regulations in 2006. We will continue to maintain our high standards of professionalism and safety.  We are excited to welcome our clients back to Koi, and excited to offer the individualized experience that you have grown to expect from Koi.

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