Professional Nipple Piercings

  • Expect the nipple to take 12-18 months to heal completely. Clean out of necessity and not routinely.
  • Ready to embrace the needle to your bosom? The nipple is alive with nerve endings. Expect significantly more pain than other piercing sites.
  • Internally threaded barbells are the standard options. They heal more easily and present less of a risk of catching on anything.
  • During healing, the support of a clean, tight cotton T-shirt or sports bra may provide protection and comfort, especially in bed.
  • We will not perform this piercing on anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions.

Additional Facts & Tips

Both Nipples or One?

  • Nipple piercings have been re-popularized recently by big-name celebrities in L.A., but before that the trend was for women to pierce one nipple while men generally did both.
  • Now we’re seeing more and more women getting pierced and opting for adornments on both nipples instead of just one.
  • One recommendation is to start with one, however, instead of both at once, especially if you’re a side-sleeper and want to give yourself time for the tenderness to go down on one side before piercing the other.

What to Expect

  • Expect more pain than you’re thinking and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Your nipples are full of nerve endings. The downside of this is that when the needle goes in, you’ll feel it that much more.
  • But the upside of nipple piercings is more than just the way it’s going to look!
  • Many people report that their piercings increased nipple sensitivity for the better after they’d healed.
  • Resist the urge to touch them until then, however.
  • Note: Nipple piercings do NOT affect milk production or prevent you from being able to breastfeed, but the piercing should be fully healed beforehand.
  • Remove the jewelry before nursing, then cleanse and reinsert before the hole has a chance to tighten or close.
  • As always, stay vigilant for signs of infection.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

  • Spray your piercing regularly with H20cean or another approved cleansing solution during the healing stage, but especially during the first 4 to 6 weeks.
  • In the shower avoid cleaning the area with soap until fully healed.
  • Instead, in between spritzing the area with saline sprays, soak the piercing for several minutes once a day.
  • As with all piercings, no submersion is allowed other than the cleansing soak.
  • For your own comfort and protection, sleep in a clean, tight cotton top or sports bra to secure your piercings in the night and prevent them from catching on anything.

Avoid Nickel At All Costs

  • Wearing jewelry that contains nickel is one of the leading reasons that the body rejects a piercing.
  • Most people are allergic to it and what can manifest as an extreme infection is often catalyzed by an allergic reaction first.
  • At Koi we use the best quality materials for our piercings, including three shades of gold, which is ideal as an initial piercing metal for its natural antibacterial properties.

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