Starting July 1st, 2021 we will be offering Nostril and Septum services! Click HERE to see more details!

Piercing Fees and A Guide to Appointments

If you are unsure what to book for, you can always call the shop at (801)-463-7070 or email us here.

The category tab is the body part or type of service you are wanting (Ex: You are wanting to install a piece of jewelry in an existing piercing you will select the category “Install”) the services is the type that we are doing (You are wanting a set of first earlobe piercings? You will select the category “Single Lobe” and then under services you would select “Both 1st lobes”)
The multiple piercing options (Multiple ear, multiple body, multiple minor, etc.) are specifically for one person getting multiple piercings done in one sitting, this is NOT for multiple people.
One piercing appointment is required per person.
If you are a parent who wants to book with their child getting pierced, please book the consecutive appointment afterwards (If your child is booked at 12:30, please book the 1:00 with the same piercer) There are times where if you are not consecutive with your minor, we cannot accommodate to pierce you at the same time. We are usually booked back to back and cannot push other appointments to allow to pierce you.



  • Lobes (1st, 2nds, 3rds, High)- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Helix - $20 +Cost of jewelry
  • Snug- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Flat- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Rook- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Daith- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Forward Helix- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Tragus- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Conch- $30 + Cost of jewelry
  • Industrial- $30 + Cost of jewelry


  • Tongue- $30 + Cost of jewelry
  • Cheeks- $45 +Cost of jewelry
  • Labret- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Vertical Labret- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Philtrum- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lip/ Monroe- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lip/Tongue Frenulums - $30 +Cost of jewelry


  • Nostril- $30 + Cost of jewelry
  • High Nostrils- $45 +Cost of jewelry
  • Setpum- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Eyebrow- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Bridge- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Dermal Anchor/ Surface Piercing- $30 + Cost of jewelry


  • Navel- $30 +Cost of jewelry
  • Both Nipples- $45 + Cost of jewelry


  • Vertical/ Horizontal clitoral hood- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Christina- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Inner/Outer Labia- $40 +Cost of jewelry


  • Prince Albert/ Reverse Prince Albert (PA) - $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Frenum- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lorum-$40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Apadrayva- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Ampallang-$40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Hafada/Scrotum- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Guiche- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Dydoe- $40 +Cost of jewelry

Install/ Removal/Jewelry Browsing

  • Piercing Install with own jewelry- $10 [Please note we will not install any externally threaded jewelry]
  • Piercing Install and buying new jewelry- $5 [Please note this is for people buying jewelry from Koi during their appointment]
  • Piercing removal- $10
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