Piercing Fees and A Guide to Appointments

A few things to remember;
  • Jewelry can vary on the piercing, if you’re unsure give us a call or email us and we would be happy to go over your specific piercing jewelry cost.
  • The jewelry that we pierce you with is larger to accommodate for swelling. We won’t pierce with fitted jewelry to begin with.
  • When you are booking for yourself and your minor (Example: You are both getting pierced, you are getting a set of lobes and so is your minor) you will want to scheduled back- to- back with the same piercer. That way we will bring you both inside, select jewelry, and then you’ll go back with your piercer.
  • If you are trying to come in with friends that are all over the age of 18, you’ll book 3 appointments at the same time with 3 different piercers. That way you and your piercing squad can go over jewelry options together and then you’ll be seen by different piercers. (Please call the studio to help ensure your booking will be on a day where we have adequate staffing.) If you do not book correctly, we will not be able to bring you in as a group to select jewelry.


  • Lobes (1st, 2nds, 3rds, High)- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Helix - $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Snug- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Flat- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Rook- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Daith- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Forward Helix- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Tragus- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Conch- $40 + Cost of jewelry
  • Industrial- $40 + Cost of jewelry


  • Tongue- $40 + Cost of jewelry
  • Cheeks- $55 +Cost of jewelry
  • Labret- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Vertical Labret- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Philtrum- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lip/ Monroe- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lip/Tongue Frenulums - $40 +Cost of jewelry


  • Nostril- $40 + Cost of jewelry
  • High Nostrils- $55 +Cost of jewelry
  • Setpum- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Eyebrow- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Bridge- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Dermal Anchor/ Surface Piercing- $40 + Cost of jewelry


  • Navel- $40 +Cost of jewelry
  • Both Nipples- $55 + Cost of jewelry


  • Vertical/ Horizontal clitoral hood- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Christina- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Inner/Outer Labia- $50 +Cost of jewelry


  • Prince Albert/ Reverse Prince Albert (PA) - $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Frenum- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Lorum-$50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Apadrayva- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Ampallang-$50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Hafada/Scrotum- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Guiche- $50 +Cost of jewelry
  • Dydoe- $50 +Cost of jewelry

Install/ Removal/Jewelry Browsing

  • Piercing Install with own jewelry- $15 [Please note we will not install any externally threaded jewelry]
  • Piercing Install and buying new jewelry- $15[Please note this is for people buying jewelry from Koi during their appointment]
  • Piercing removal- $15
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