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What if I don't know what size I need?

It is the responsibility of the buyer to know the jewelry size, thread type, and material.

One of the biggest hurdles in buying jewelry that is meant to be fitted to you is figuring out the size that your anatomy needs. If you are unsure you should reach out to your piercer, or the shop for help finding a guesstimate, if you want to get an exact you are also welcome to make an appointment*  Please keep in mind due to hygienic reasons we cannot make any exchanges or returns, once the jewelry is shipped we cannot take it back.



*We can not help with sizing, insertions, or removals of anything under the mask due to our COVID protocols at this time

How long do you take to ship?

We are a small company, so we will be making shipments through USPS twice a week, so depending on your order it may take 3-7 business days to process and ship out your order.

I got an email saying it was backordered. Now what?

In the instance of our shop stock, there have been a few times where a piece shows as available but come to find out it wasn’t #Smallbuisnessprobs. We will reorder that piece just for you and call you when it arrives. That could mean it could take anywhere from 2- 20 weeks to come in (Thanks Covid) If that doesn’t work, please call the studio and we can talk with you about different options.

What if my package is lost or sent back to you?

In the instance of a returned package;

If you provide an incorrect mailing address and the package becomes undeliverable and sent back to Koi, we will call you to confirm the address and you will be responsible for the additional shipping fee. USPS can hold undeliverable packages up to 60 days, if you decide you do not want to pay the additional shipping fee or we cannot contact you after 30 days since receiving your package, we will refund the original amount minus the original shipping fee and a 10% restocking fee. We will call and email you the amount refunded back to you.

Lost packages; 

In these times there is an unlikely chance that a package becomes lost in transit with the mail carrier, please call or email us and we will work with you to file a claim investigation with USPS. If they deem the package is still lost after the investigation, we will either give credit to the shop for a new piece or we will send a replacement (or reorder) the lost item. If they show delivery confirmation or the tracking number states the package was delivered, we are not responsible for the package that is claimed lost and will not be able to replace or refund the item. We will give you the information to file any appeals with USPS.

What if I don't see what I want?

If you don’t see something that you want and you have photo references, shoot us an email to info@koipiercingslc.com and we would be happy to help you order something that you will love forever.

What if the item is damaged?

As we order from vendors that handle both US and international orders there is the rare chance that you may receive a piece that is damaged or defective (gem falls out, can’t thread the piece on, etc.) We will exchange the piece or send it in for repair through the jewelry manufacturer and will ship to you at no cost to you. We will just need the order number or proof of purchase. Please keep in mind, Jewelry damaged in the process of insertion or removal is solely the responsibility of the buyer. If you do break the piece we can send it back to the jewelry manufacturer to repair for a $15 fee excluding if there is a charge for the repair.

What is the difference between threadless and threaded?

So the difference is how it locks into the post, do you have to twist it in or do you push? See above the attached videos of how the jewelry works!

Threadless is also known as “Press Fit” where it’s held in the post with tension. The pin on the end only needs to be slightly bent towards the edge of the pin to stay in the post. With proper insertion and regular upkeep this jewelry should be secure and lifelong pieces.


Threaded is the twist style of jewelry, which is exactly how it sounds, you just turn the top into the post until it is secured into the post (You shouldn’t see a gap between the top and the post)


What type of ring should I buy?

We have attached a few videos talking about the 4 main ring types, feel free to email us if you have any further questions!

The ring types we carry

  • CBR (Captive Bead Ring)
  • FBR (Fixed Bead Ring)
  • Seamless ring
  • Clicker

Captive Bead Rings: CBR’s have a removable bead that has indents or depressions on the sides of the bead that allow for the edges of the ring to sit snugly into the bead, thus creating a complete ring. These are great for initial or healing piercings as they don’t allow for complete movement around the seam, which can be irritating during healing.

Fixed Bead Rings: FBR’s are similar to captive bead rings, except instead the bead is attached to the ring to ensure the bead cannot come out on it’s own and become lost.

Seam Rings: Seam (aka continuous, seamless, or infinity) rings have a small slit hidden on the ring where it can be spread apart for insertion and then realigned for closure. These rings should not be worn in any piercing that is not fully healed, (Please see aftercare if you are unsure of this time frame) As the ring doesn’t have a stopping force it will constantly move which can cause irritation to the piercing, which can cause irritation bumps. As another caution, please be mindful that if the seam is not perfectly aligned, this can also cause irritation to the piercing, or if bent improperly, the seam ring can become misshapen and that is voiding the repair warranty on the ring, which can cost up to $40 to reshape and repolish a 14k solid gold seam ring.

Clickers: Clickers (aka hinged rings) are meant for folks who want the ability to remove the piece easily on their own. These rings shouldn’t be opened at the hinge as it can tire the hinge, have it become loose, not as secure, and ultimately damage the piece.


Can I come pick it up if I'm local?

If you are wanting to come pick up an order that you placed, select the “Pickup” option during checkout, let us know when you will be coming in and we will bring it out to you curbside. We will hold pieces for 14 days unless you contact us to make arrangements, if we do not hear from you after 14 days we will refund the original amount minus a 20% restocking fee. We will not have a piercer available to install any pieces without an appointment.  If you are buying a piece to use during an appointment, please let us know the date for your appointment or if you need help booking the appointment, call the shop at (801)-463-7070

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