We are open and taking appointments! We are Not offering any services under a mask including Nostrils, Septums, High Nostrils, Tongues, Cheeks, Lip, Monroe, Philtrum. Click here for more information


Why professional piercing?

You’re here because you want a quality experience and a show-stopping piercing, right? Well, that’s exactly what we offer.

Nervous? Don’t be. You’re in far better hands than you’d ever be at a mall kiosk. Once you’ve experienced a professional jewelry consultation and installation, you’ll wonder why anyone would let a high schooler with a piercing gun within five feet of themselves.

Does Koi take appointments or just walk-ins?

Due to COVID-19 we are appointment only.  You can schedule an appointment here.


We are taking appointments Monday- Saturday from 12:30-8 and Sunday from 12:30-7.

Is there a wheelchair accessible entrance?

Yes, please call in to let staff know of your arrival so we can open that door for you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! We accept all major debit/credit cards.


Please note, we are unable to make any change with bills larger than $20.

Is there a public restroom?


Do they sell synthetic diamonds here?

We carry both VS1 grade diamonds as well as colored swarvoski crystals. If you are looking for a specific stone/color/material we would be happy to speak with you about special orders.

Do you do piercings for migraines?

Currently there is no compelling evidence to support or dismiss claims of aid for any health conditions by getting your Daith pierced. Although, that doesn’t stop anyone from getting their Daith pierced, all we can offer you is a well done and attractive piercing with hope that it helps your needs.

What are the age restrictions & requirements?

We think getting a piercing should be a fun and enjoyable experience. We also believe it is essential we take some necessary precautions to protect you, our clients. If some of our policies seem a little “strict” or don’t make sense, give us a call, or better yet, stop into the studio. We can give you more detailed information if you like. Ultimately, these policies are in place to keep everyone safe and happy. In addition to our own studio policies, Koi follows all guidelines, and meets or exceeds all standards, set by the Utah Health Department.

If you are under the age of 18 we will not perform Nipple and/or genital piercings on any minor. NO exceptions

We do most piercings on minors as long as there is a legal parent or guardian present with the correct documentation.

If the minor is 15 or younger; We will need a legal parent/guardian present with a government issued photo ID and the minor’s birth certificate. **Please note that the adult signing for the minor must have their name on any document provided to prove guardianship.**

If the minor is 16-17 years old; We will need a legal parent/guardian present with a government issued photo ID, a photo ID for the minor, and the minor’s birth certificate. **Please note that the adult signing for the minor must have their name listed on any document provided to prove guardianship**

Do you use a piercing gun or needles?

There are several reasons why we do not use ear-piercing guns for any type of piercing.

First: there is no way to sterilize piercing guns. Most guns are made of plastic and will melt under the extreme heat and pressure of an autoclave. Chemical sterilization has not been proven to kill all bloodborne pathogens; this is extremely dangerous since fluid micro-spray (microscopic particles of tissue, blood and other body fluids) might be present on the gun after a piercing.
Second: Piercing guns are considerably more painful than a piercing needle because guns use the blunt end of the jewelry to do the piercing – actually tearing the skin, traumatizing the area, and complicating the healing.
Third: Since both the instrument and the jewelry were designed for earlobes, they are not compatible with other areas of the body, increasing the risk of infection and further complicating the healing process.
Fourth: Standard piercing gun studs are usually made of low-quality metal that can cause additional complications.
Lastly: The jewelry is poorly designed in that the backing traps and collects waste, hair and debris, holding it against or close to the piercing. This is far from an ideal healing environment.

Can I bring my own jewelry for my piercing?

The short answer? Probably not, you are still more than welcome to bring in your jewelry in a ziploc plastic bag.  Every piece of jewelry that comes in to our store is carefully cleaned and autoclaved, to ensure each piercing experience is as sterile as possible and done with the highest quality that the industry has available.  Without knowing where your jewelry came from, what it is made of, etc. there is no way to know that it is a safe piece to take on healing a fresh piercing. Don’t fear – although we cannot pierce you with your own jewelry, with such a wide selection available for initial piercings, you’re sure to find something that you love that is not only the highest quality, but is tailor fit for your body.

If you are wanting to try to bring in your own jewelry, please come in at least 1 hour before your appointment. So if we are able to use your jewelry we can properly sterilize it.

Do the piercers expect tips and if so, how much?

Anytime you are provided a service by someone (think tipping your hairdresser for a great haircut, or your waiter or waitress for a positive experience at a restaurant) tips are always appreciated. There is no “standard” amount, and it can also vary from person to person.


This also goes for our counter staff, if you are happy with the experience you have with them, you are more than welcome to tip them as well, and it doesn’t have to be money. We like doughnuts, too.

What am I paying for when I schedule the appointment?

So the way the shop is structured, there is a piercing fee and then the cost of jewelry is separate. So when you come in for the appointment you will pay for the jewelry that you want.


I'm trying to schedule an appointment for more than one person.

We love it when people want to be a pierced squad! Just keep in mind, when you are booking an appointment it is one appointment slot per person. With our appointment slots and times we cannot accommodate more than one person in that time slot. Plus this also gives plenty of time for that person if they need it.

We are available through email, phone, or message for your questions, concerns, and other inquiries.

Koi Piercing Studio opened its doors July 1, 1997 as a piercing-only body modification studio. Choosing us means choosing unparalleled quality and skill.

Everyone is welcome! We’ve served children as young as three and adults in their 90s, helping anywhere between 40 to 100 visitors a day, 7 days a week. Though we’re based in Utah, people have come to us from Wyoming, Nevada, the east and west coasts, Idaho, and Montana. Contact us today!


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We are available through email, phone, or message for your questions, concerns, and other inquiries..

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