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Professional Facial Piercings

  • Due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer any Nostrils, Septums, or High Nostril piercings/services.
  • Facial piercings generally include the nose, eyebrow, and upper cheek (anti-eyebrow) areas.
  • Nostril piercings take 3 to 5 months to heal on the outside and up to 2 years to heal completely.
  • “The less you do, the better off you’ll be.” Overzealous and aggressive cleaning of nostril piercings will ruin the aesthetic with visible scarring.
  • Changing or adjusting nostril piercings shouldn’t be attempted until after the three-month mark.
  • Keep pillowcases clean and avoid sleeping directly on new piercings during the healing stage.
  • The cheapest jewelry can call itself hypoallergenic. Remember that is NOT the same thing as implant grade.

Additional Facts & Tips

All About Nostril Piercings

  • Types of nose piercings include the nostril, high nostril, nasallang, septum, septril, third eye, rhino, Austin bar, and erl (bridge).
  • Nostril takes the longest to heal completely of most types of piercings, up to two years. However, you can change out or downsize your nostril jewelry after three months.
  • For this piercing we say, “The less you do, the better off you’ll be.”
  • The nostril is the most likely to scar from overzealous and aggressive cleaning; use an approved cleaning solution on the inside of the nostril and refrain from touching the piercing at all.

All About Eyebrow Piercings

  • The recommended jewelry for eyebrow and anti-eyebrow piercings are curved barbells, loops, and/or captive bead rings.
  • They can be horizontal to the brow, cross the brow vertically, or rest above the cheekbone just below or adjacent to the eye (anti-eyebrow).
  • These piercings take six to eight weeks to heal initially.
  • Types of eyebrow piercings include the traditional horizontal or vertical piercings near the brow as well as the anti-eyebrow piercings: teardrop, crow’s feet, and butterfly kiss.

Choose Initial Jewelry You’ll Love

  • Body adornment and modification is one of the boldest ways we get to express ourselves.
  • Treat yourself to jewelry you know you’re going to love for the length of the healing process.
  • There’s an overwhelming selection of incredible jewelry out there, but resist the temptation to change yours out too soon.
  • The longer you wear the implant-grade jewelry we have provided for you, the better.

Avoid Nickel At All Costs

  • Wearing jewelry that contains nickel is one of the leading reasons that the body rejects a piercing.
  • Most people are allergic to it and what can manifest as an extreme infection is often catalyzed by an allergic reaction first.
  • At Koi we use the best quality materials for our piercings, including three shades of gold, which is ideal as an initial piercing metal for its natural antibacterial properties.

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